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Every baby is born with a certain IQ potential. Studies have proven that environment, early stimulation, and early learning are responsible for at least 15% or more of an infant's total potential maximum IQ. Doesn't sound like much? This percentage actually can have a profound effect on the difference between below-average to average-high intelligence, average to very bright intelligence, or bright to genius-level intelligence.

Respected professionals and studies have proven that the I-Qube® Educational Toy for newborns, infants, and very young children:

  • Reduces newborn baby's weight loss
  • Speeds baby's growth
  • Accelerates baby's muscle control (walks sooner)
  • Accelerates baby's hand-eye coordination
  • Develops baby's curiosity
  • Develops baby's attention span
  • Makes infants more content and secure
  • Develops infant IQ potential by as much as 30 points

Helping and watching your infant develop quickly while using the I-Qube® can be one of your most rewarding early life experiences. Baby Smart Start can get an I-Qube® to your door in time to beat the stork, ready for use as soon as baby's eyes open. The I-Qube® is environmentally friendly. It is made of recycleable cardboard and printed with non-toxic soy ink.

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My daughter loves the
I-Qube! Her eyes
brighten every time
she sees it. I think
she really likes the checkerboard the best.
~ Pam N.

Your baby needs you and an I-Qube or two!